VOV Lift is a facial lifting, designed with a special suture thread called PDO(Polydioxanone) & PCL(Polycaprolactone) to bring back the beautiful “V-Line” on your face by pulling up the sagging skin tissues. Unnoticeable activities are enabled on very day of painless, minimal-swelling minimal-surgical procedure. The procedure only requires a local anesthesia. Neither damage nor scars are left on the procedure sites after the procedure.



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  •  Complete double layered Package
    - EO Gas Sterilization, complete blister packaging with
       nitrogen to prevent any contamination and a safe clinical usage
  • PDO (polydioxanone) | PCL(Polycaprolactone) as material
    - Registered material on DMF 
    - Bio-degradable material 
    - PDO (6~8 month) | PCL (1-2 years)
    - Most commonly used



  • 180 Twin barbs (the most effective anchoring)
  • High tensile strength
  • High anchoring strength
  • Short procedure time
  • Long Lasting effect
  • Minimal tissue reaction
  • Minimal trauma to tissue
  • Non-heat-treated manufacturing method







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