Hyaluronic Acid (HA) with human body composition similar to the composition. the need to fill the skin parts into the right amount of this product, filler name plays a role as a fill.



Is the smallest particle, Suitable for small wrinkles or thin skin threedimensional sense and other delicate parts.


Is suitable for creating a three-dimensional sense of the middle layer of the skin, relieve wrinkles deep in the skin, Can create a partial fullness of the effect of the line. Apply to the lip, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, drooping mouth and other parts..


Is the largest particle products, METOO FILL VOLUME is to Correction the overall face, and create a strong sense of three-dimensional. With the correction of the jaw, improve the nose, the overall effect of facial lines.


METOOFILL+ Has original 3D cross link technology

METOO FILL + Unstable hyaluronic acid (Figure 1) becomes uniform, A better and more stable structure (Figure 2), Is to enhance the flexibility of the product.


Benefit with METOOFILL+

  • Break through the traditional hyaluronic acid
  • igh elasticity and high cohesion make perfect finish design
  • Contains 0.3mg / ml lidocaine to reduce pain
  • Impurities are 0.0001% clean and pure hyaluronic acid filler