WHAT’S MISJU (Minimal Invasive Surgery Rejuvenation)


Misju procedure is sued to pull, push and collect loose and sagging skin by injecting the thread to tissues using a plastic surgery surture. Skin volume rises vertically, thus the skin volume point goes back to the area where it once was.





Misju Merit

  • Anyone is possible to have from late teens of growth phase
  • Diversity of thread length
  • As a nonincision surgery, scar is barely left
  • Immediate correction is possible
  • The more detailed expression is posible compared to traditional lifting surgery
  • Quick operation and rapid recovery
  • Lifting as well as volume redistribution





  • Expected Effect:
  • New 3D volume shifting in various directions.
  • Different from the existing 2D lifting.
  • Not just usual stretch out lifting but pushes, pulls, and gathers loose tissues to give a youthful, volumizing skin
  • Age Range : For patients from early 20s to late 70s
  • Effective Area : Brow, Nasolabial Fold, Lip, Jowl, Midface, Lowerface, Neck, Breast, Knee, Hip
  • Effective Period: (1 Year, After 1 Year 50%, Permanent)
    • Most of the scaffolder gets absorbed after 1 year
    • Scaffolder gets slowly absorbed after 3 months, leading to 50% absorption after a
    • When the scaffolder gets absorbed throughout time, volume effect slowly
    • However, even after a complete absorption of scaffolder, more than 50% of effect is maintained with formation of collagen Therefore, unlike complete loss of effects found from fillers, patient’s skin will  not  go  back to its  previous state.
    • Second operation within 1-2 years after the first operation → Due to collagen bands already formed from the first operation, correction from the second operation will be far more