High lipolysis metabolism! Fast release! by Vitamin B12 and excellent ingredients in lipolysis Advanced Lipolysis solution



Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

  • Inducing activation of lipid metabolism
  • Inducing carbohydrates and fat into energy
  • Reduction of edema due to increased blood flow

Sodium Deoxycholate

  • the active component responsible for the lytic
    action of the cells
  • Bile salt classified as a detergent or surfactant,
    dissolves phospholipids
  • dissolve cell membranes and for the formation
    of micelles


  • Proteinase in pineapple
  • Effect of lipolysis
  • Treatment of inflammation and wound healing
  • Reduced edema and pain


  • Stimulation of lipase activity
  • Emulsification and transport of triglycerides in fat cells
  • Fat cell wall degradation (detergent action)
  • Dissolving bad cholesterol in the blood, such as waste
  • products and triglycerides clogged in blood vessels, and
    discharges them out of the body (Prevent unnecessary accumulation of fat)


Benefits would you feel after the treatment using for face :

  • Make V-line face
  • Make well-balanced face line
  • Make your face became gaunt
  • Best solution for making little face


Application for face :

  • Fleshy face
  • A face with reduced elasticity
  • A symmetric face
  • Thick double chin
  • High cheek bones
  • A person who has not had any effect from other procedures for contouring


Recommended dosage :

  • Overall face : 2.5cc - 3cc for a cheek
  • Double chin : 1cc - 2cc
  • Cheekbone reduction : 1cc for each
  • Jaw (drooped earlobe) : 1cc for each