Feel the Rhythm

 Smart Facial Rejuvenation and Body Shaping System



Body Shaping
Cellulite Reduction
Facial Lifting & Tightening
Wringkle Reduction


Integrated Technology

Ideal combinations of multi-polar RF, Vacuum suction, and LED technology comfortably achieve atoned, contoured and well shaped body through a non-invasive treatment. This well-combined system brings immediate visible results from the 1st treatment with patient comfort.
Multi-polar RF The RF energy delivers thermal energy into dermal and deep fatty layer and promotes metabolism, tightens collagen fibers and improves skin elasticity.
Vacuum Suction Vacuum suction increases blood circulation, reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters and reshape the body. It also helps energy delivery to deeper level of the skin and body.
LED Optimum wavelength of 640nm and 460nm works to circulation and skin tone improvement.


Dynamic Pulsation with Minimal Noise Various sizes of Handpieces

Various kinds of powerful pulsation maximizes its drainage effects with minimal noise level.

3 sizes (large, medium, small) of the handpieces are provided to operate on face and the body.


SAS (Safe Anti-Spark) Technology


Precise output control technology safety protects patient’s skin from frequent sparking while delifering high RF energy. This allows aestheticians to use high energy levels without fear



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